What my Clients are Saying About Me

“Clutter is a constant battle in my house. I’ve worked with many professional organizers, and Vanessa is absolutely amazing!! Over the course of just a few sessions, she’s completely transformed our home. She is fast and efficient, but also meticulous and thorough.
I get very sentimental about items, and dread decluttering. In the past, working with organizers has left me exhausted after being bombarded with countless emotional decisions.
With Vanessa, I felt absolutely no judgment, and no pressure to get rid of things I wasn’t ready to part with. She made easy decisions for me, and I felt completely comfortable letting her tackle our spaces without me. I was amazed at the results!!
She’s made much better use of our space. Best of all, she’s implemented organizational systems that are not only logical and appealing, but are systems that I know will be easy to maintain.
With some other professional organizers, things get worse before they get better, and there is that awful in-between period where you have to live with everything in disarray. Not with Vanessa! She’d leave the house looking spotless, and the progress was so immediate and so encouraging! Thank you so much Vanessa!!”

Lindsay JProfessional Organizing

“Vanessa is one of the most energetic and enthusiastic people I have ever met, both of these qualities are infectious and she is a delight to be around. Vanessa is very efficient, focused and kind. It's been a pleasure and very easy to work with her. I am vey pleased with what we've accomplished in such a s short amount of time.”

Cynthia RProfessional Organizing

“Vanessa came in and organized my office, general living space and my children's rooms. We have seen an immediate difference and even my boys are happy how much easier it is to keep their rooms organized with the storage solutions she recommended.
I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is wanting to take back control of your house, especially when we have crazy lives and young children.”

D. FosterProfessional Organizing

“To say that Vanessa goes above and beyond is an understatement. She has helped me immensely as I pack up my house and prepare to move - and not just pack up - also go through items of a loved one who has passed away.
She has care and compassion, and the love of her joy shows in all she does. She is personable, quick, and efficient.
Vanessa cares about my personal items and her light heartedness helps me get through the huge task at hand.
She has truly been a gift. I would HIGHLY recommend Vanessa to anyone who needs their home organized or is moving.”

Monica. SProfessional Organizing/Moving

“Vanessa is a speed demon who sped up our task of packing up our whole house. She was so fast that we ran out of items to pack so we had to ask her to come back to give us some time to get our thoughts together.
The most impressive moment was how she organized the items to be packed into the box before putting them in. As a result, we had more items in the boxes than if we had packed them ourselves.
We highly recommend Vanessa!”

Marsha & HughProfessional Organizing/Moving

“With running my own business I have had no time to address areas in the shop that are crucial to functioning at full capacity. Vanessa came in and was able to restore my kitchen, tools and work equipment cupboards, office space, filing and lunch/staff room in a few sessions. Vanessa was great in communicating and scheduling, she was efficient and made progress from day one. It was a huge weight of my shoulders to have these areas decluttered, organized and easy to access, she really did a magical job. In the process I gave her full access to personal information and can confidently say she gave me full confidentiality and is a very trustworthy person. I would recommend her to any business or home owner who doesn't have time and wants a space to look forward to walking into everyday!”

Jeff HunterProfessional Organizing

“I am so pleased with V’s efforts so far, from day one she came in without feeling overwhelmed and has been tackling many organization projects for my large home.
V works quickly and efficiently, she has a professional demeanor and friendly attitude which makes it a fun experience.
I have given her my task lists and she has ran with it, she continually communicates with me to schedule in appointments and I love that I can leave her unsupervised and see amazing results every time.
I cannot wait to see the end transformation of my home and thank V for her time, efforts and service.”

A.J.SProfessional Organizing

“Vanessa was responsible for our shipping, warehouse and events areas. We have a large storage area in which we keep items pertaining to cleaning, events, christmas, decor, donations, auction items and more. The space would often become a dumping ground and we were fortunate that Vanessa would be quick to turn it back to it's former glory. All items were grouped and categorized, stored in clearly labelled bins and easily accessible for everyone. For someone to have an eye for this kind of thing aswell as an efficient work ethic is a gift that Vanessa has and we have been truly blessed to have her help us with this.”

HARTProfessional Organization

“Vanessa took four hours to work a miracle in my garage. She worked quickly and did a great job utilizing all the storage bins I already had and organized all my items into categories to make them easy to find. My husband is now able to successfully find tools in his work bench and has a counter to actually work on. Vanessa made suggestions on how to finish off the job such as hanging hooks/racks for our tires and ski equipment, items in which could be donated or thrown away. I can't wait to have her come back and work on the rest of my house!”

Carrie BrandtProfessional Organization

“I asked for Vanessa's services as a birthday gift and loved having her help me get organized! My pantry and kiddo toy areas have been driving me crazy for a LONG time. Vanessa was fast, efficient and did a fabulous job! My 2 + 4 year olds call her the magician as she magically found the perfect spot for everything! I highly recommend working with V.”

Justine DowdProfessional Organizing

“A keen and energetic hard worker, Vanessa always has a friendly and positive manner. She excels with customer service; is willing to take direction and plays an integral part of any workforce. In addition to being a great team player Vanessa has demonstrated the rare quality of being a capable leader, as shown when she managed her own businesses. Vanessa worked for us as a Personal Assistant, which again highlighted her exceptional organizational skills and initiative. She takes on every challenge with great exuberance and is always an absolute pleasure to be around. In summary Vanessa’s strengths lie in her tremendous organizational skills, great rapport with people and a desire to take on new challenges.”

John & Linda RumneyPersonal Assistant

“Vanessa was employed with us for seven years and was a personal assistant to many of us in the office. Vanessa also fulfilled a number of other duties including health and safety and administration. Vanessa was punctual, precise and thorough in any task she was given, she worked well unsupervised and also with the entire team including personnel in the field. Her communication and attention to detail ensured the office ran smoothly and any action items were dealt with efficiently. Highly recommend anyone requiring personal services to use Vanessa and her huge list of talents.”

Dustin Kinch- CBW EngPersonal Assistant

“As a personal assistant to my husband, and myself to a degree, Vanessa quickly showed her exceptional skills in many areas. Vanessa is a diligent, effervescent women and more than capable in taking on whatever responsibilities or tasks she is given.
Vanessa has continued to join me professionally in a number of environments including assisting the running of a Performing Arts Department and launching a Dance Academy at a College, developing community based programs and infrastructure at a local church, assisting with the running of technical elements and clinical skills at University and improving sales and customer relations at a retail store.
Vanessa has volunteered her time to many charities, churches and committees over the years which shows her heart and dedication to helping others.
It is a privilege for me to say with no hesitation that Vanessa would be an asset to anyone who hires her!”

Bibe RoadleyPersonal Assistant

“Vanessa has he ability to work thoroughly on her own. I have witnessed her playing many roles such as personal assistant, event management, public relations and customer service. Vanessa has a natural demenour that is warm, friendly, sincere and very helpful.
I have always found Vanessa to be on time, prepared and planned, consistent, honest, creative and very supportive.
Vanessa will be an asset to any organization that she will work with.”

A. BestPersonal Assistant

“Vanessa is a logistics expert, who totally re-vamped our administrative procedures in a variety of areas within our office structure, especially in event management and planning, which is critical to our success as a non-profit entity. She has vastly improved our administration, website management and volunteer coordination in an organized and well structured manner. For this we are indebted to her. I would wholeheartedly endorse her as a valuable addition to any company/organization.”

HARTEvent Management

“Without Vanessa, our wedding wouldn’t have been as magical as it was! Vanessa assisted with a few items prior to the wedding, she was there the day before to help with the entire set up of our venue and on the day took care of every tiny detail so we didn’t need to worry about a thing on our big day. Vanessa is capable, caring and treated our special day as though it was her own, I would recommend her services in a heart beat.”

Stef BrooksWedding Co-ordinator

“Vanessa was amazing to work with! She is kind, organized, and takes the lead which made our special day flow easily and made it stress free and so enjoyable. It was reassuring to know I could leave all the details on the day up to her to complete, which she did, and we couldn't have been happier with everything. With assistance in the pre planning, day before set up and day of coordination and management I would highly recommend Vanessa for any of your wedding planning and event needs!”

A & J EhmannWedding Co-ordinator

“Vanessa is an incredible wedding planner! She listened to everything we wanted and worked hard to make sure it happened. Vanessa communicated with us on a regular basis and sent pictures with options for us to look at and approve when it came to things like bouquets, table centerpieces and room decor. She made sure the materials used were affordable and within our budget. Vanessa was there early to set everything up and stayed till the end to pack things down. She worked well with everyone and helped make sure things ran smoothly. Vanessa was a joy to work with and our wedding would not have been as amazing as it was without her. She truly helped to give us our dream wedding!”

Sarah KatzWedding Co-ordinator

“I thought that I had everything under control and organized for my wedding until I realized that there were so many details I hadn’t even considered. Vanessa helped me work through each detail carefully and very respectfully. I didn’t know what I wanted until Vanessa created it and it was perfect. On the actual day I left everything with vague instructions and Vanessa just did it all. I didn’t have to worry about a thing and it looked great. Highly recommend Vanessa for any wedding or event you are planning.”

Rebecca LeongWedding Co-ordinator

“It was only a handful of months from our engagement until our wedding and we didn’t know there was so many things to prepare until Vanessa brought out the list. She’s always so resourceful, patient, and efficient. She would go through every detail with you, and she’d answer any questions almost instantly, even late at night and on weekends! She was an amazing help. And everything she touched during the setup, a wow factor was added to it. Everything went as planned and on time! I couldn’t have done it without her!”

K BuchWedding Co-ordinator

“Vanessa has been working with my team for the past two years as part of our event day staff. She is reliable, efficient, compassionate and extremely hard working. It's been an absolute pleasure having Vanessa part of our team and I look forward to many more events with her in the future!”

Saaraa Premji- Blush & Co. EventsWedding Co-ordinator

“Vanessa has taken care of our home and cats several times over the past years. She has always kept our home tidy and has loved our cats. We never worried about a thing while she was in our home, we totally recommend Vanessa!”

Dom & Annette MancusoHouse & Pet Sitting

“Vanessa has been a great friend and helped us over the years, she has watched our house and fur babies several times. Our dog is always spoilt with love and hugs and our house was as clean, if not cleaner, than the way we left it. I would highly recommend Vanessa for any house/pet sitting needs you may have. Her infectious, caring, bubbly personality is an added bonus to her professionalism, respect and love for your fur baby and home.”

A.MelbyHouse & Pet Sitting

“Vanessa did a great job taking care of our house and our two dogs for two weeks while we were away. My dogs are quite old and very needy, they require attention and have very specific feeding instructions which Vanessa took care of for us! It's a great feeling to know someone can step in and you can actually enjoy your vacation and time away. The house was kept in perfect condition, it was exactly how we left it and looked as though no one had touched a thing, hubby was very happy!”

S.FarrellHouse & Pet Sitting

“Our horses and dogs are our family, we only leave them with people we trust to do the job and do it right, it can be a hard thing to find. Vanessa has repeatedly shown she is that person and that is why we continue to ask her to watch and care for our fur babies. In addition, she is also a very responsible and tidy house sitter, and she ensures that everything is in order when we return home.”

Chad & Marketa L.House & Pet Sitting

“Vanessa was solely employed to work independently and unsupervised at our Polo Club, she was responsible for everything from exercising and riding of up to 60 horses and the upkeep and cleaning of 40 stables. Vanessa always had a bubbly, fun loving personality and showed loyalty and consistency throughout her time with us. I have total confidence in recommending Vanessa for whatever position she applies for in the future and believe she has huge potential and the ability to assist, support and give 100% in all that she does.”

Kira PucherHorse- Polo Groom

“We run a small cow/calf operation and breed quater horse mares. Vanessa has been riding for us for the past five years. She rides the young, green horses at our ranch on a regular basis. Vanessa has a good seat, soft hands and really allows the young horses to move out freely. She is patient, kind and a confident rider. We think highly of Vanessa and her dedication to horses, people and our ranch.”

Pat NolanHorse Riding

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