Be Challenged. Believe In Yourself. Never Give Up.


Everyone has a story….a past….We have all in some ways battled, fought, been broken and given up hope…
It’s what we do next that matters.
Make the decision, pick yourself up, process the emotions…..take time to heal and become whole again….
Be thankful for the things you have….love yourself and open your heart to love others.

These beautiful pieces were written by Bryan Anthony
They have inspired me and touched my heart, I hope they also touch yours.
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I know what I want to accomplish, yet the fear of failure can stop me from trying.

The fear of unpredictable endings stops me from pursuing captivating beginnings.
I keep waiting for a sign, for certainty, for the right time forgetting that the stars do not have to align in order to radiate light.
I give myself permission to try to start something new despite not knowing all the answers.
And in this transitional moment from wishing to doing, I find something greater than the comfort and certainty- I discover the power of my own courage.
I take back the thoughts that make me feel small and begin to transform my doubts into bravery.
I let go of complacency and open myself to aliveness, it's in this space of vulnerability that I uncover my capability to rise.
It's in this space of becoming that I learn that progress doesn't always require a monumental leap - sometimes a small courageous step is all it takes.
And perhaps the most important thing I needed all along had less to do with having it all figured out and more to do with believing that I had what it takes to find my way there.
It all starts with daring to begin, everyone has to start somewhere.


She is unshakable not because she doesn't know pain or failure, but because she always pushes through.

Because she always shows up and never gives up.
Because she believes anything is possible no matter the odds.
And perhaps what makes her beautiful has less to do with what lies upon the surface and more to do with what lies within.
She isn't just beautiful because of her appearance. No, she is beautiful because of the way she chooses to live and love.
In the way she embraces all of life's experiences, good or bad, in her willingness to bend but never break.
And in her courage to believe that the darkness can't hold her as long as she continues to create her own light.
She is just like a pearl, made from grit but full of grace.
She is unstoppable, she knows it's not what happens, but how she chooses to respond, with perseverance in her mind and passion in her ❤️


Storms can emerge without any warning, without any sign.

You may never see it coming, a whirlwind of darkness, uprooting the present and cascading shadows over the future.
A true collision of disruption and despair, you can find yourself consumed by chaos - your faith unraveling as it disappears into the cries of the sky.
And in the midst of heartache, you can either dwell in the disasters or you can learn to weather them, you can let the storm break you or you can let it build you.
It's in this moment of clarity that you begin to fight your way out of darkness.
It's in this moment of grace that you stop running from the storm and start following the rainbow.
And despite the aches of the journey, you choose to be led to a place of courage, a place of beauty, a place of becoming.
This is what it means to overcome.
This is what it means to survive.
And although the storm can bring you destruction, it also brings you strength.
You learn that you are more powerful than anything that tries to break you and the darkness will never stop you from finding your own light.


I am enough, even when I'm hurting, when my bones feel heavy and my heart is aching.

It is ok to feel, it is ok to widen our hearts, to move to a place of expansion there is beauty in vulnerability.
I am enough, even when others make me feel forever "less".
Worthiness comes from within, do not build a home for it inside someone else.
I am more than their perceptions, I am more than their words.
I am enough, even when I make mistakes.
I will stop punishing myself for others imperfections, I will immerse them in compassion and recognize that they are part of who I am --- it is only with them that I am whole.
I choose to remember that I am the only person who defines my value - I will be gentle with myself, I will be kind to myself, and above all I will love myself.
I am brave, capable and strong. I am thoughtful and empathetic. I am deserving. I am worthy.
I am enough.


I am grateful for the big moments, the small moments and everything in-between.

I am grateful for every peak and for every valley.
There is nothing more valuable than the present moment, it's where happiness thrives.
For only when you stop chasing mountains do you discover the beauty to be found, right here on the ground, in the midst of all the waiting.
And that's the power of a grateful heart - when you're grateful for what you have, you're able to give yourself grace no matter where you are.


Like the moon your life is full of phases.

Sometimes you will feel whole and sometimes you will feel broken.
Sometimes you will feel full of light and sometimes you will feel heavy with darkness.
Whatever phase you're going through remember that it's not permanent.
Life is not about staying in the same place, it's about moving from one stage to the next, it's about new beginnings and long-awaited endings, it's about hellos and goodbyes.
It's about change, it's about growth.
Wherever you are in your journey - embrace it.
Every phase of your life is setting you up for the next, you need each phase to become the person you are meant to be. Like the moon, you are beautiful in all your phases - you don't need to be whole to radiate light.
You are alluring, you are illuminating, you are evolving and with every transformation you are better than you were before.


When darkness breaks into the sky and heartbreak falls at your feet.

When things aren't as expected and plans are buried in uncertainty.
When loss seems to follow and goodbyes settle inside your chest.
When the unknown becomes a continuous path and you're unable to catch your breath.
Let yourself feel the sorrow and the softness, remembering that true healing comes in waves.
You can still find peace within the wild of it all, even if it doesn't make perfect sense.
No matter what happens, joy can still find you.
Light can still grow in the darkest corners of your being.
For more often than not, our happiness and hurt overlap beyond what is seen.
Because life will let you fall, but it will also give you wings.
It will make you walk through fire, but it will also light your path with all the gold it brings.
When life gives you lemons, may you hold on to grace.
Life can still be beautiful, even when things feel out of place. For flowers bloom from soil and stars shine in the darkest hours, so rest assured, something sweet can arise from something sour.
No matter the darkness you go through, there will always be light waiting for you - the sun always reveals itself to those who have felt the rain.


In any season of uncertainty, allow yourself to break apart, to come undone and feel the discomfort of falling.

Feeling weighed down from the heaviness of hurt you know there's nothing more painful than staying in the struggles and purposefully residing in places where your heart cannot bloom.
Discovering the virtue of holding on but more importantly, the power of letting go, you transform your scars into seeds of strength - letting them fly and fall into the lightness you couldn't feel before.
Empowered by your healing, you meet the ground with a different view - for now you know that with every fall there also comes a rise.
With a wiser mind and a stronger heart, you begin to grow in ways you never thought you could, capturing all the endless light that was meant for you.
Like a dandelion you fall with grace and rise with intention.
And even though your uncertain of what lies ahead, despite everything, you know that you'll be able to hold yourself and your greatest growth will always come from within.


Life is in constant motion, a mosaic of ebbs and flows. A rhythmic series of ups and downs.

A wide and wavering journey overflowing with uncertainty. The depths of the sea seem infinite, the force of the current strong, vast and all-consuming, it can be difficult to find solid ground.
But your presence is unfaltering - a steady rock that grounds me, you bring calmness to my storms and peace to my chaos.
And while others tend to drift in and out of my life, leaving when the waters get rough you are there reminding me that I can swim in the dark in a sea full of people - you are my anchor.
A constant when everything is changing, a safe place when all is uncertain, a definite home in the unknown.
There isn't a wave strong enough to break our bond.
The tides will continuously rise and fall but we'll always have each other to hold on to.
For even though nothing is certain, you will always be my anchor, my rock, my saviour.


Your are unforgettable, a collector of light and grace.

Delicate yet a force of nature, you find yourself continuousy rising beyond the storms that relentlessly arrive to break you. Amongst the unapologetic winds and piercing rain, you hold your ground - standing tall, despite it all - planting seeds of faith in all the places that ache the most.
Finding hope in your heartache and strength in your struggles you keep reaching for the sun -always moving towards the light even when giving up seems like the only option.
Bold and vibrant, your power is unwavering.
You know that growth doesn't happen by avoiding the dark, it comes from finding light in the shadows that fall.
And that's your magic - finding beauty in what's broken, courageously following the direction of the sun even when its hiding.
You are just like a sunflower -- full of beauty but made of strength, chasing light and standing firm, only staying in places where your heart can grow the most.
Emanating love and healing, your always living your brightest life-radiating light to those who are in need of a little sun.Your are unforgettable, a collector of light and grace.
Delicate yet a force of nature, you find yourself continuousy rising beyond the storms that relentlessly arrive to break you. Amongst the unapologetic winds and piercing rain, you hold your ground - standing tall, despite it all - planting seeds of faith in all the places that ache the most.
Finding hope in your heartache and strength in your struggles you keep reaching for the sun -always moving towards the light even when giving up seems like the only option.
Bold and vibrant, your power is unwavering.
You know that growth doesn't happen by avoiding the dark, it comes from finding light in the shadows that fall.
And that's your magic - finding beauty in what's broken, courageously following the direction of the sun even when its hiding.
You are just like a sunflower -- full of beauty but made of strength, chasing light and standing firm, only staying in places where your heart can grow the most.
Emanating love and healing, your always living your brightest life-radiating light to those who are in need of a little sun.


This life journey - mosaic of peaks and valleys interlaced with winding roads and twisted turns.

Wandering in the unknown lost amongst the ever-changing paths it can be difficult to find direction as I infinitely search for the place I belong.
But when I find myself surrounded by your love, I'm guided by the radiance of your light, reminding me that true belonging isn't found in the places we seek to roam, it's found within the hearts of those who carry us home.
You provide an ocean of calm, a mountain of hope, a solid ground of trust.
You make the stars feel closer and the sun burn brighter.
You are my infinite home and my endless adventure, my constant peace and my forever wild.
You are my compass, my true north, the one that guides me through the dark.
With you my heart is never lost, your love can be felt and seen from miles away.
No matter where in this world, I never need a map to know where my heart belongs, because home is anywhere and everywhere with you.


Promise yourself that you will stop putting your feelings and needs second, selfishness and self-care are two very different things.

Promise that you'll take care of your mind and body- stay active, but give yourself permission to rest and time to replenish your soul.
Promise yourself that you will walk away from those who love you with conditions and from those who do not value your worth.
You shouldn't have to destroy your soul in order to create a relationship.
Promise yourself that you will start to change the critical voice inside your head.
Replace the thoughts that bring you down with the thoughts that lift you up.
Promise to forgive yourself and stop reliving the same mistakes.
Be kinder and gentler with yourself, make decisions based on passion not fear.
Respect yourself, love yourself and recognize that in this very moment, you are enough.
Lock away these promises and throw way the key.
May you learn that you are deserving of the same love that you give others and may you love yourself enough to keep the promises that you make.


Your life is allowed to be your own. It is allowed to look different than those around you.

You are not a failure because you are in a different place. You are not behind because your timing does not align with the pace of others.
Remember that your worth is not defined by another person's life, worthiness comes from within, not from what's around you.
Don't compare your journey, the places that you go and the way in which you get there, they are uniquely yours.
Give yourself permission to chase what feeds your soul, even if it means you are the only one dreaming in that direction.
Do not be afraid to follow your own path, there's beauty in our differences.
Every year 150 billion stars are born, all of them unique, rising and striving to create their own light.
They never compare or compete, they just shine.
You are a star, the same light you notice in others burns inside you.
The brightest light will always radiate from within.


You find yourself awake again, all throughout the night when the evening blurs into the morning sky, and still, peace is not in sight.

The room is quiet but your thoughts are loud, your mind lost in the wild of worries.
Struggling in silence, you keep waiting for the exhale, for your fears to part-but there's a battle within your mind, there's a war inside your heart.
Taking a moment to pause, you allow yourself to rest --- regaining your peace and strength with each and every breath.
Letting your chest rise and fall, you take each thought in and slowly let them go - realizing that grace can still find you, even if steady breathing is all that you can do.
In this moment of clarity, you realize that your anxiety does not define you, your worries do not hold your worth.
Being okay does not always mean being alright.
It's okay to come undone, for it's only in the darkness that you can discover the power of your own light.


Let go of the idea of perfection --- you are not perfect, you are real.

Let yourself be flawed, and allow yourself to make mistakes.
Recognize that you're not always going to have it all together.
Sometimes your heart is going to break, you are going to get hurt, you are going to feel pain.
Don't apologize for being broken - every time you break you become a little more alive, you become more open with yourself, you become exposed to your sensibility.
Every crack tells you a little more about yourself - your strength, your courage, your tenacity-what you're made of.
Do not hide these pieces from the world, they are a part of who you are.
You see, the most beautiful people are beautifully broken, there hearts are heavy but they love the deepest.
They have seen the dark but they appreciate everything that shines.
They're compassionate, understanding, and empathetic.
Beautiful hearts just don't happen - these are the ones that show the world just how beautiful they are.


You are enough. You are are perfect as you are.

Let go of those who think any differently, you can't hold on to everyone.
Stop dwelling over your mistakes and give yourself some credit.
Speak kindly to yourself, forgive yourself, take care of yourself.
And above everything else love yourself- without complexities or conditions.
Give yourself limitless love and as you do, you will attract those who will love you without boundaries.


Sometimes life is just hard, but hard does not mean impossible.

There will be times when you will break but it does not mean you are broken. Find your inner strength and let it light the fire in you.
Remember that you do not need a giant flame to set a fire - all you need is a tiny spark.
One spark of strength to lighten up the darkest of moments.
Never underestimate your strength, you are stronger than you think.


When the weight of uncertainty consumes you, and you find yourself drifting between what is known and what is becoming,

remember that you are free to keep moving along without being certain of what lies ahead.
You are free to open your heart to possibility, slowly breathing in the unknown and holding on to unwavering faith beyond what is seen.
Allow yourself to fall into an endless rhythm of trust.
Trust that even in your most uncertain moments you are still surrounded by infinite grace - you are still being led right where you need to be despite not having all the answers.
Your journey is shaping you in meaningful ways.
Every step forward invites boundless growth that carries the strength and wisdom you need to greet what's next.
Never let the unknown shadows stop you from discovering the light that's meant for you - fear will keep you where you think you belong, faith will lead you exactly where you are meant to be.


Sometimes life feels heavy. It feels messy. It feels chaotic.

You lost someone, you lost something, you lost your way.
Sometimes it feels like everything goes wrong – mistakes are prevalent and misfortunes are widespread.
Sometimes it feels like you're stuck, like you're motionless.
But nothing lasts forever – what is broken can be put back together and what is hurt, can be healed.
Tomorrow is an entryway. Tomorrow is a second chance. Tomorrow is a new day - the sun will rise again.
Let go of yesterday's emotions and start fresh.
Wipe the slate clean and open your heart to new beginnings.
Like the sun, it's not about setting, it's about rising. It's not about endings, it's about beginnings.
It's not about what's lost, it's about what's found.
Life is about starting over, it's about creating something better.
It's about rising to burn brighter and stronger than you ever did before.


Life isn't about having all the right answers, it's about finding purpose in the process.

It's about giving yourself grace in moments of growth.
On the days when you find yourself chasing perfection, learn to pursue progress instead.
You're free to move ahead right where you're standing - the smallest step forward will always get you further than waiting in your worries.


Grief is like the ocean - a constant surge of waves a continual collection of salt and tears.

Sometimes grief is loud, both tidal and tempestuous an overwhelming pain that breaks you open and crashes against your heart.
Other times it's quiet, discreetly hiding beneath the surface presenting itself as a steady hush of longing.
Grief is full of unknowns that can only be discovered when swimming in its depths.
Some days sorrow and joy will be intertwined, a delicate dance of dark and light - both deserve to be softly held, both belong in sight.
When he calls you to its edge, tread gently in its space - for no matter what you feel you are always held by grace.
You cannot slow down the ocean, you cannot tame the sea, so ache, laugh, break, mend, let your emotions free.
Driven by the tides your pain will recede, but like a persistent undercurrent, a sense of longing may never leave.
And that's the art of living on but never letting go.
If you're ever lost in the infinite sea may you find peace in knowing that unending grief is also endless love.
For grief may try and weigh you down, but your love for them will carry you. Always.


She is fearlessly independent yet understands the power of standing together.

She has an unshakable confidence and an inner fire that burns every skeptic's doubt.
She has a way of taking possibilities and transforming them into realities. She never takes no for an answer and always unapologetically defends her value.
She doesn't just believe in change - she is the change.
She is unceasingly searching for ways to better herself and the world around her.
She is just like an arrow - swift and powerful.
When life tries to hold her back, she launches herself ahead.
Her ambitions are big, but her aim is greater.
She is fierce. She is passionate. She is Heroic.


Don't be afraid to leave where you are - to leave your old world behind.

Be brave enough to travel to the unknown, to open yourself to something new.
Strive to see extraordinary places and meet extraordinary people.
Dream with the dreamers and do what you once thought was unthinkable.
Explore with the explorers and discover endless possibilities.
Do not let fear be your map, do not let comfort determine where you stay.
Let curiosity guide you, let your eagerness for adventure, for diversity, for aliveness lead you.
Do not be afraid of getting lost- you may find just what you need.
Lose your logic, find your soul. Lose your path, find your direction. Lose your way, find yourself.
Listen to your heart, you have the power to determine your journey.


Sometimes life can be hard to navigate.

It can shake you up and break you down.
It can challenge you in ways you never thought it would.
It can make you question who you are and where you are going.
Remember one thing - it doesn't end here.
This is just one chapter in your infinite story.
There is still so much to see, to tell, to do.
You have the strength to overcome this - to close this chapter, turn the page and begin again.
The world has so much left for you.