Professional Organization

Do you come home at the end of the day and feel overwhelmed with clutter and collection of items that don’t yet have a designated home?
Do you need help strategizing, organizing and creating storage solutions, which would allow you to live your life more efficiently and effectively?
Do you want to look forward to coming home at the end of the day and feeling like your home is a sanctuary and peaceful space?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, I am here to help you!!

If the months of isolation we’ve lived through in 2020 hasn’t inspired, motivated you or given you the time to de-clutter, sort and organize your home…..then…’s TIME!

You no longer have to feel overwhelmed, feel anxious and worry about the time you want to spend
with your loved ones rather than organizing your home!

I can work with your schedule, time restraints and priorities.
There’s no project too small or big.

Rooms & Areas

  • Kitchen/pantry/cupboards
  • Closets/Wardrobes
  • Play/Toy room
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Family/Entertainment room
  • Entryway/mud room/laundry room
  • Garage/Attic/Basement/Lockers
  • Office
  • Outdoors – Patios, Decks, Balconies

Services Offered

  • Organization and sorting solutions
  • Simplify and functionality
  • Creativity and innovation
  • De-Clutter
  • Interior design, staging and decorating
  • Sale, donation and disposal of unwanted items
  • Ergonomics and furniture placement
  • Use current furniture or research & purchase furniture if required and based on your budget

Relocation, Moving & Selling

Many companies/businesses offer financial assistance to employees who are relocating for a new full-time job at least 50 miles away from your previous home, you can deduct the cost of packing, transporting or storing your household goods from next year’s tax return.
For further information on moving expenses and relocation benefits, visit the Government of Canada website HERE

When you decide to sell your home, each second that passes seems to bring another item to add to your already lengthy to-do list. On top of quick changes between being a home buyer and home seller, you can spend hours sorting through article after article explaining how you can quickly sell your home for top dollar, in an unrealistic time period.
The thing about de-cluttering when selling is that you can only put it off for so long. It’s either now when it will appeal most to buyers, or later when you are dealing with the added stress of your move. Take the opportunity to hire the help needed to allow you the time to focus on everything else required to prepare your house for sale.

Services offered

  • Downsizing/Purging
  • Packing
  • Unpacking
  • Set up, organization and storage solutions


  • Reduction of paper and clutter
  • Able to find what you need so you can save money by buying less
  • Reusing and re-purposing what you already own
  • Recycling and donating your no longer needed items
  • Sort and correctly store your personal belongings
  • Give your furniture a makeover or receive suggestions on new furniture
  • Design and interior staging with your current or new furniture
  • Create a space that fits your needs, budget, and style


  • Peace of mind
  • Positive self-image
  • Less stress
  • More productivity
  • Less time maintaining/cleaning
  • Save money
  • Get back time for yourself
For more reviews from my happy clients, visit my testimonials page

Clutter is a constant battle in my house. I’ve worked with many professional organizers, and Vanessa is absolutely amazing!! Over the course of just a few sessions, she’s completely transformed our home. She is fast and efficient, but also meticulous and thorough. I get very sentimental about items, and dread decluttering. In the past, working with organizers has left me exhausted after being bombarded with countless emotional decisions. With Vanessa, I felt absolutely no judgment, and no pressure to get rid of things I wasn’t ready to part with. She made easy decisions for me, and I felt completely comfortable letting her tackle our spaces without me. I was amazed at the results!! She’s made much better use of our space. Best of all, she’s implemented organizational systems that are not only logical and appealing, but are systems that I know will be easy to maintain. With some other professional organizers, things get worse before they get better, and there is that awful in-between period where you have to live with everything in disarray. Not with Vanessa! She’d leave the house looking spotless, and the progress was so immediate and so encouraging! Thank you so much Vanessa!!

Lindsay J

Check out my blog on the advantages and benefits of hiring and having someone come transform your home.

Rates are quoted at an hourly rate starting at $65 per hour, price will vary depending on the following- services required, product purchases, location and travel time. I encourage you to contact me for your personalized pricing, availability and scheduling.

Single Session = 4hrs $250

Package your sessions & SAVE:
3 Sessions $675 (save 10%)
5 Sessions $1,125 (save 15%)
7 Sessions $1,400 (save 20%) BEST VALUE

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